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16 January 2007

US Coast Guard receives the HC-144A - But do the pilots want to fly them?

The United States Coast Guard has received the first EADS CASA HC-144A, a derivative of the CN-235/C-295, with advanced equipment for coastal patrol and surveillance, Finanz Nachrichten of Germany reports.

"The HC-144A's delivery is further proof of EADS North America's continuing strong support for the US Coast Guard and its mission to keep America safe and secure," puffs EADS North America Chairman and CEO Ralph Crosby.

But do Coast Guard pilots prefer the plane over others? One Coast Guard vet involved with the program in Washington loves the HC-144A, and says that critics are only trying to sabotage the mission. But we hear differently from pilots, and top Coast Guard officers have expressed safety concerns about the planes. Did Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama improperly pressure the Coast Guard to take the planes, at the behest of his former aide who is a lobbyist for EADS? Stay tuned.


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