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11 January 2007

Why would EADS CASA want to sell slow search & rescue planes to a country the size of Canada?

Comment: In search and rescue operations, speed and distance are essential. As one of the largest countries in the world, Canada needs fast planes to cover its huge landmass and coastline.

EADS CASA appears indignant that Canada would want a search and rescue plane that's faster than the European manufacturer's C-295.

Here's some news for EADS: Canada isn't Europe. France, Germany, Spain and a few other European countries could fit comfortably in Quebec alone. Canada's 125,000 mile coastline, stretched out, would reach halfway to the Moon.

From an American reference point, the state of Montana is larger than Germany. France is less than twice the size of Colorado. And Spain is even smaller than France.

No wonder EADS CASA doesn't build a search and rescue plane designed for speed. Its main customers are so small geographically that they don't need one. Which is probably why Canada is holding out for something better.


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