CASA Crash

Questions and concerns about the safety and reliability of EADS CASA aircraft, and about the reliability of EADS as a U.S. defense partner

01 December 2006

Cracks found in several EADS CASA C-212 planes is sending out a report that cracks have been found in the wing attachment fittings in several EADS CASA C-212 aircraft.

According to the report, the cracks were found "during final assembly of a production aircraft," and in "several in-service aircraft."

A Swedish Coast Guard EADS CASA C-212 lost a wing on October 26, killing all four crewmen aboard. The fatal CASA crash was due to metal fatigue where the wing attached to the fuselage.

The report, marked "urgent," nevertheless contains watered-down language, as if to de-emphasize the deadly consequences of the cracks.

The text of the report, carried by, follows:

"Cracks were discovered in outer to centre wing attachment fittings during final assembly of a production aircraft, and also in several in-service aircraft. Investigation revealed the cracking was caused by a defective manufacturing process at the supplier facility. This condition, which involves fittings that are principal structural elements, could result in reduced structural integrity of the aircraft unless detected and corrected."


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