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03 February 2007

How German Airbus workers view the USA

Look who wants us to save their jobs! It's the German union IG Metall, which represents Airbus Deutschland workers.

IG Metall's magazine, shown at left, officially views American businessess as "bloodsuckers," "plunderers" and "parasites."

Even though the liberal Free Democrat Party leadership assailed the union's portrayal of Americans, union leaders and their Social Democrat allies defended it. A union spokesman defended the May 2005 cover and other artwork as "a good caricature." Metall is the largest labor union magazine in Germany, with a circulation of 2,000,000.

(Funny how German socialists over the past 75 years love to portray people they hate as insects, isn't it?)

Now, IG Metall workers stand to lose thousands of Airbus jobs under the EADS reorganization. They're hoping that the American bloodsuckers will buy their Airbus A330 tanker to keep them employed.


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